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Christmas Day 2009

Gary in hot tub at Windmill Harbor Marina, Christmas 2009

 Not a  bad way to  start any day, and a fabulous way to start Christmas Day. 

Merry Christmas from the Glenns

 We hope all of you had as good of a Christmas as we did.

After lattes in the hot tub and  a long bike ride around the Windmill Harbour plantation (they call subdivisions “plantations” here), we went back to the boat and had brunch.  

Christmas Cheers 2009

Our Christmas present (the propeller and attachment parts) came via UPS, and yesterday Gary successfully attached it.  It’s comforting having a spare prop and attachment parts now.

Tonight we are at our friends, the Eisele’s.  Gary and I prepared dinner for them, in their home, and now we are watching a DVD movie that Tom got for Christmas.  I’m also doing laundry (YEAH!) while we watch the movie and I write this blog.  Multi-tasking is still a large part of our lives, even though we aren’t “working”. 

We plan on leaving Hilton Head tomorrow, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  We feel like we’ve overstayed our visit with the Eisele’s.  We planned on being here for two days and it turned out to be six because of the prop incident.  Gary’s philosophy is “Company should never stay more than three days, because like fish, after three days they start to stink.”   Tom and Jeannie have been generously hospitable to us.  Man, we owe them Big Time.

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