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Foggy trip to Charleston, S.C.

It rained most of the night last night.  Our anchor held tight in Graham Creek and the night was uneventful.  Today offered another scene as we not only motored through rain all day, but also fog.  The fog was not as bad as the day we experienced it on the Chesapeake Bay, however it made today’s travel an exciting  journey.  At times it was hard to see the next mark (route signs in the water), but the GPS helped tremendously and we made our way to Charleston, S.C.  We feel like we’ve really accomplished something spectacular by making it here in the fog.  We even had a swing bridge to navigate through with the fog and we did it!!!

We saw quite a few dolphins today.  I tried to get a picture for you, but it’s nearly impossible to do so.  I’ll keep trying.

We are at the Charleston City Marina near the historic area of Charleston.  The captain gave the galley slave shore leave and we ate at the marina restaurant.  Fried alligator was offered on the menu and since neither of us had ever eaten alligator before, we tried it.  It tastes a little like chicken and has the same texture as chicken.  It had a sweetness to it and the server said that was from the marinade.  He said if alligator is not marinated, it is tough.  I can’t say if I see it on a menu again I’d order it, but now I can say “I’ve eaten alligator.”  I also tried something else I’ve never eaten before and that is boiled peanuts.  Can’t say I liked them.  They are mushy.  I prefer the regular ol’ crunchy ones.

The weather report for tomorrow is promising thunderstorms.  We will probably sitesee anyway, even in the rain.  Unlike traveling on land, traveling on the water is much friendlier during nice weather.  So we actually prefer being at a marina and doing the siteseeing in the nasty weather and save the good days for travel.

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  1. Rida says:

    I agree about the alligator. Once was enough for me. But, love, love boiled peanuts. Right out of the boiler, they are wonderful…of course a glass of sweet tea doesn’t hurt either. You are right..flounder is wonderful. You can get it sometimes at Kona Jack’s market and at the 56st Street Fish Market. Also you can request that they bring some in for you. Kona Jack’s halibut has been lovely, and since it’s basically the same fish, we have been getting it. Enjoy Charleston. Rick and I loved our stay there. Fabulous restaurants…and do have shrimp and grits. After you do, you will learn very quickly how to make the dish. YUM!! Have fun.

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