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Laid Back in Belhaven

Our stay in Belhaven, N.C. was laid back and relaxing, as are the people of the town. We borrowed a golf cart from the marina and went to the Ace Hardware to look for a fitting for a water hose and moisture absorbent crystals used to help with the condensation in the boat. As much as we are enjoying the journey, the consequence of not being far enough south to not have to use the heater, is MOLD. I’m finding it everywhere. Spray bleach takes care of killing it, but I wonder what it’s doing to us physically. Can’t be good, but so far we have not been ill. For two people who have allergies (including mold) and got allergy shots (for years) when in Indy, we are doing remarkably well.

As we were leaving the Ace Hardware, a nice young man overheard us asking directions to get to the grocery store, and offered to take us there since he was going there as well. “Frank” was delightful. He grew up in this town; now lives in Raleigh where he owns a hair salon (yes… and he had very nice stud diamond earrings); he also owns a home on the water near here on the Pamlico River; he is in town for his grandmother’s 100th birthday; and he told us a recipe for oysters that sounded delicious. It doesn’t take us long to make new friends. We are collecting them in all the ports…typical sailors.

It’s rained off and on today. After this sprint of rain ceases, we are going to go for a walk just to get exercise. I thought we were getting sufficient exercise by doing tasks around the boat; but the scales are telling me differently. Making the bed seems like an aerobic exercise to me. I climb up and make it while on my knees, being careful not to hit my head on the bulkhead that’s at our feet area. There are walls on three sides of the bed. You can use your imagination if you like, and make your bed at home in this fashion, and experience the benefit of aerobically making your bed….or not…Every task on a boat seems to involve bending and stretching. Some things, like hoisting the sails, even get your heart rate up. Sailing and living on a boat is not for wimps. It’s a totally different lifestyle than living in a home. Gary and I are enjoying everything about it…except the MOLD…

We can’t download the pictures for these last two blogs because we presently have no cell phone service.  I’ll update the Photo Gallery as soon as I am able to do so. 

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  1. Sara Lootens says:

    What a beautiful picture. We are enjoying tracking your wonderful adventures. Tonightwe will have wine dinner at the Bistro with Marvin and Alycia and drink a toast to you.

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