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Touring Charleston, S. C.

The Charleston City Marina is very accomodating to transients, providing a shuttle to the downtown area of Charleston.  We took advantage of this service and spent today doing errands and siteseeing.  We went to the Downtown Market which is like a big flea market with lots of different vendors.  Most interesting to us were the basket weavers.  There were a lot of them, making similar basket designs.  Gary had purchased a couple of baskets at the Market years ago and we talked about buying some more, but they had gone way up in price, so we didn’t get any.  However, it was fun to watch the weavers and talk to them.

 We walked around the historic part of Charleston and found a lovely park by the waterfront which had two fountains with wading ponds. (See Photo Gallery)  At first, we thought they were just big fountains, but we read signs indicating the restrictions for their use as wading ponds.  What fun it would be to use them in the heat of the summer.

 We toured one of the historic homes in Charleston today, the Nathaniel Russell house, circa 1808. (See Photo Gallery)  Tomorrow we are going to visit another one and probably go to a museum or two.  This city has a lot to offer to tourist, especially those who are interested in history and the Civil War.

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