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Mosquito Lagoon

After Gary went to West Marine and purchased a new boat hook and a Cruising Guide for the Bahamas, we left Halifax Harbor Marina to proceed down the ICW.  Our journey took us down a lot of narrow channels with lots of luxurious  homes lining the shores. 

For the night, we anchored in Mosquito Lagoon, just 17 miles north of Titusville and Cape Canaveral.  It was a clear evening and we could see the large Space Shuttle hangar at the Kennedy Space Center in the far distance.

 It was a very cold night at Mosquito Lagoon, so fortunately we were not bothered by mosquitos.  If I had to choose between these two atrocities, I would choose the former, the cold.  If there is a mosquito in our presence, he enjoys me as his dinner.  Gary is rarely bothered by them.  I think they don’t want to navigate through all his hair to get to his flesh.  Thus, Gary calls me his “fly strip” ,and in this scenario,  I become the protector of the most honorable Captain Gary S. Glenn…

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