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Ken & Kay Messick’s Visit Aboard White Swan

Ken and Kay are previous patients of Gary’s and also our friends.  They used to live in Indianapolis, but moved to Leesburg, Florida a few years ago.  After their move to Florida, they continued to come to us for their yearly eye exams when they were visiting relatives and friends in Indy.  We let them know when we were in this area and made arrangements for a visit.  Today was the day, and it went by way too quickly.

Ken and Kay Messick with the Glenns aboard White Swan

After we contacted Kay and Ken and told them about our trip and our website, Kay went to the site and read some of the entries.  She told me while she was reading about our New Year’s Eve dinner, she thought to herself, “I want to go to that restaurant”, not realizing yet “White Swan” is the name of our boat.  After reading further, of course she figured it out.  I told her I would indeed make reservations for her at that “restaurant” when they came to visit us.

For lunch aboard White Swan, they seemed pleased with the entree of Shrimp and Pasta served with a salad and a fresh baquette with dipping oil.  Homebaked cookies were the dessert.

While they were here, one of our new friends was leaving the marina, heading south to Miami and the Keys, so we “saw him off”, wishing him good luck and happy sails.  Kay had an enthusiasm to learn as much as she could about this new live-aboard lifestyle of ours, and as she was enjoying the event of a fellow sailor leaving port, a dolphin made it’s presence known in the marina.  Her excitement over seeing a dolphin in the marina equaled that of my own the first time I saw one in the marina.  What fun it is to share all of these experiences.

Ken and Kay were interested in taking fresh fish home with them, so we went to the frest seafood market.  In one of the previous blogs, I wrote about the fisherman on the beach telling us about pompano fish.  The market had fresh pompano and we bought some.  Kay and Ken stocked up as well, and on the way back to the boat, we talked about recipes which led to a stop at the grocery for cracker meal and fish spice.  After we got to the boat, Kay and I got out our laptop computer to print off recipes while Ken took Gary to Lowes for some insulation for the boat. (Gary’s going to insulate as many areas in the boat as he can to cut down on condensation in the boat.)  Of course, Kay and I talked too much and didn’t have all the recipes printed out by the time Gary and Ken got back.  Concerned about all the fish they’d just purchased and the two hour ride ahead of them, we hastily finished out task of printing recipes so they could be on their way.   

As I said earlier, time went by too quickly while they were here, so a return visit is very much in the making.  In fact, they have offered to pick us up on our return flight home from Indiana, if we decide to use the Orlando airport instead of the closer airport of Melbourne International.  We need to go home to do our taxes in February and we are still working on the particulars of that trip.  It won’t be until after our neighbors and good friends, the Swineharts, come to visit us in February.

Aunt Margaret Simpson will be here this Saturday the 23rd and then the Swineharts, De’d and Jerry,  are coming Feb. 6th, on Gary’s birthday.  What fun!!!  We hoped to be in the Bahama’s for Gary’s birthday, but that isn’t going to be possible.  So, to have friends here to celebrate with, is just as good.  I have Gary’s permission to say, IT IS HIS BIG SEVEN-O.  What he doesn’t know is I am also encouraging you to send him a birthday card so you can participate in the celebration.  It can be sent to:

Gary Glenn c/o Telemar Bay Marina

1399 Banana River Drive

Indian Harbour Beach, FL  32937

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