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January 16th, 2011:

Frabjous Day



What an absolutely fabulous day we had today. It could not have been more perfect! After a peaceful night, we left our quiet anchorage around 8:30 this morning and had an enchanting sail on the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. The blue skies made the water appear even bluer. The wind was perfect for a 4-7 knot sail. The swells were light and allowed a perfect sailing experience all the way from Ft. Lauderdale to the Miami inlet, Government Cut. Glorious!

Glen Becker, a wonderful friend from Annapolis, Maryland, called us as we were getting close to Government Cut and told us about a webcam there that shows live videos of the beach and inlet. He posted a message on our website, telling readers about the webcam and the approximate time we should be seen on the video. His estimation of our time of arrival was dead on and he called us to let us know he saw White Swan and saw us take down the sails before entering the inlet. He said the resolution was not the best, but he knew it was us because he had been following us on SPOT. How cool is this technology??? What fun! Sharing our adventures with all of you, makes our living it even more exciting for us. Thank you, Glen, for your interest and posting the info on our website. (In case our readers have forgotten, Glen is the designer of our website.)

Aquamarine water of Key Biscayne with Miami as backdrop

Since it was a beautiful WEEKEND day, the port of Miami was bustling with every size of boat imaginable. We made our way through the congestion, across Biscayne Bay, and into Crandon Park Marina where we secured White Swan to a mooring ball. Tomorrow is suppose to bring thunderstorms and high winds, and relying on a mooring ball to hold us through a storm always give me a sense of security – a false sense of security, I’ve been told, as mooring balls have been known to break loose. Non-the-less, I’d still rather be in a boat slip or secured to a mooring ball than be on the hook (anchored) during a thunderstorm.
The day ended on as good of a note as it began…key of G for GREAT! There is no end to the delight we experience from the Florida Keys’ sunny, warm days; the beautiful aquamarine and indigo blue water; and all of the nature on land, sea and sky. The crescendo of these glorious days on the water are the sunsets. There can be no better view of God’s majestic artwork anywhere else in the world than the sunset we witnessed tonight over Biscayne Bay. Behold…

Sunset over Biscayne Bay as seen from the mooring field at Crandon Park Marina

See the Glenns live!


Here’s your chance to glimpse the good life! And by chance, I mean just that. There is a chance White Swan will be visible in the beach cam on Miami Beach. This is just north of Government Cut, the big man-made inlet you can easily pick out on any map.

I estimate they’ll be in the area between 1:30 and 1:45pm EST. About an hour from now.

If anyone happens to catch them, let us know by leaving a comment. And a screenshot would be cool, too!


2pm Update: We got them! They made great time and were there right at 1:30. I managed to be at the computer (and spoke to them both briefly) as they were headed into the cut. I have some video and I’ll post it here. (Once I learn how to edit video, that is. 🙂 )

4pm Update: Video! Enjoy