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Hurricane Harbor, Key Biscayne

We left Crandon Park Marina around noon and motored a short way to Hurricane Harbor. Gary and I want to check out the anchorages on Key Biscayne that we did not go to when we were here last April. We quickly realized when coming in the entrance to the harbor we needed to hug the northwest point, as it shoals quickly on the starboard side. The cruising guide usually alerts boaters of shoaling at entrances of anchorages, but none is given for this one. When we experience navigational hazards of this nature, we write a note on our charts and guides, lest we forget in the future.

We found Hurricane Harbor to be a well protected, albeit a rather small harbor, surrounded by ostentatious homes. At the far end of the harbor, where we anchored for the night, is a road with a bridge that apparently has metal grating. Grating is the operative word here, because when vehicles went over the bridge, the racket was very grating on one’s nerves (my nerves). Fortunately, the traffic was minimal by the time we turned the lights out for the night. If we come to this anchorage again, we will anchor at the other end, nearer the entrance. Even though there is a road at the end of the harbor, there is no where a dinghy can be tied up, enabling a shore excursion. There are no restaurants, or any other amenities for boaters at this anchorage. It’s just a nice calm place to anchor for the night.

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  1. Ilene says:

    I was looking for your recent archives, but it stops in Jan?Are you two still sailing and where are you two now? I’m really enjoying keeping up with you two…Hope all is well ilene

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