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No Name Cay


How can so many days be so exciting? One great day led to another great day.
Spending the day at No Name Cay and Gillam Bay, beach-combing and snorkeling, was one of those great days in the Abacos. I found 5 baby sand dollars, no bigger than a quarter. One broke while soaking in bleach water. If the other four make it home to Melbourne without breaking, our little neighbor girl, Isabella, will get to choose which one she wants for her souvenir.

My precious treasures from the sea were totally out performed by Gary’s find. While I was towing him with the dinghy ( he was snorkeling while hanging onto a rope which was tied to the dinghy), he raised a hand indicating he wanted me to stop the dinghy while he free-dived down for something. He came up with the largest sea-biscuit we had ever seen. Getting the thin shell home without breaking it will be a challenge.

No Name Cay is well known for its inhabitants, wild pigs. People will visit the island just to see them. We had been to the island quite a few times before in past years, but had never seen the pigs. We got to see them this time. Their appearance is different than any swine seen in the U.S., in that their snouts are much longer. The two sows had five little piglets following them around as they greeted visitors who brought them food. Gary and I wondered if they serve the pork from No Name Cay in the local restaurants.

We were going to return to No Name Cay the next day accompanied by Diny and her Adventure Quest, but since there was a possibility of stronger winds two days later, we decided to go further south to the lower Abacos. Sadly, this decision required a parting of ways for us and Diny because she desired to backtrack and go to some of the islands she missed between Allans-Pensacola and Green Turtle Cay. We will be able to stop at those places on our return trip. But, when she goes to the lower Abacos, she will go from there over to the Florida Keys. Hopefully, we will meet up with her again when she gets to the lower Abacos.

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