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Vessel Name: White Swan

White Swan moored at Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart, FL

White Swan moored at Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart, FL

Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105Mc Catamaran
Hailing Port: Melbourne, FL
The Crew: Captain: Gary Glenn; First Mate & Galley Slave: Jean Glenn
Extra: Gary and Jean sailed the Chesapeake Bay together for 8 years. Since retirement in 2009,  they have expanded their cruising territory to the ICW and the Bahamas. Gary has been sailing over 40 years. He taught Jean everything she needed to know about being a good First Mate. (Galley Slave comes naturally for her.) Their motto is: “sailing is all about the journey”.

Gary and Jean April, 2014

Gary and Jean
April, 2014


  1. Kathy Bridenstine says:

    Happy Holidays Gary and Jean!
    So good to read of your adventures! Let us know if you are ever back in Indy. So happy for you both!

  2. Pat Tutsie says:

    Congratulations Glenns: all the long hours and putting patients before yourselves has finally paid off and you’re in your element! What a blessing and a gift. White Swan is beautiful; I’m thrilled to be able to share your adventures. Please stay well and continue to share your good fortunes. May you have a Blessed New Year with much health and happiness! Fondly, Pat

  3. Ilene says:

    Hi, you “Two” i’m sure enjoying your blogs, it’s fun and trying to imagine what
    it’s like to have this much time to yourselves.You both earned your place in the
    sun and the water..I miss you both. Jean, I hope your leg is getting better?
    The adventure never stops..Have a “happy new year” take care. love, Ilene

  4. Pat Cotton says:

    Just finished reading of your journal aboard White Swan. Really, ——— how wonderful! Sorry about your leg incident

    Jean and Gary,

    You must write a book—–Also thought your poetry was exceptional. I felt I was there in the poem. Can’t remember the form, think it is Japanese ( Haiku) ?
    Eagerly awaiting furthur adventure.


  5. Greg Dallas says:

    Hi Jean and Doc, Bill Harrington told me about your web site and have had fun following your adventures. Were jealous, stuck here in the midwest waiting for spring and putting the boat in the water. We sold the Hobie about 4 years ago and have a MacGregor 26 we keep at Eagle Creek Sailing club “Off Axis”. Last year and this we rented a slip at Michigan City and have been keeping here there for long week end sailing. Love following you guys keep up the great fun living the dream!

    1. Greg, so good to hear from you. We’re glad Bill told you about our website and equally glad you are enjoying it. Lake Michigan is also a fabulous place to sail. Maybe we can swap sailing stories. We love to get e-mails as we travel, so please keep in touch. Our e-mail address is

  6. Sandy and Nancy Graves says:

    Hey Guys, Wish we were there with you. Enjoy Key Biscayne for us. See you sometime soon.

    Sandy and Nancy

  7. Sandy and Nancy Graves says:

    Hey Gary,

    After reading Jeans account of you relieving yourself while underway, I realized that you had missed the “notice to mariners” regarding such activity, to whit:

    USCG Notice to Mariners – #0381965 -Instruction 4PN
    Persuant to the allowance of females as crew aboard pleasure craft under 60 feet LOA and in regard to their duties with respect to the head, it is hereby ordered that all male personnel, including the ship’s Captain shall assume a seated position while performing a PPO exercise (personal pump-out). Male personnel may perform a PPO in the standing position in the following situations:
    1. While the vessel is secured in a slip. This does not include seawalls.
    2. While in dry dock after insuring that all seacocks are secured in the closed position.
    3. While standing on the transom and facing aft in conditions under Force 2. Visual contact with the helm is strongly advised.
    3. In the event of a ship’s fire, collision or imminant foundering, in which case an IPPO (involuntary personal pump out) may be unavoidable.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Sandy Graves
    S/v Lily Pad

  8. Bill Dillon says:

    We are Bill and Sandy Dillon trying to get in touch with Bill and Leslie on manjack.
    we have known Bill for over 30 years and visited them on manjack a few years ago.
    We have been busy with our Hotel in playa del carmen mexico but we have sold it and are living in Puerto Aventuras Mx and in the mountains of panama,if you have a phone # or e-mail address
    for them please let them know we are going to be in fort lauderdale in a week or 2
    thanks our magicjack no. is 954-794-9447

  9. Brynna and Emma Fernandez says:

    I hope you are having a good time, Miss Jean, stay safe on the boat. We miss you, see you when you get home!!

    1. Jean Glenn says:

      Brynna and Emma, we were so glad to hear from you. We miss both of you. We hope you are doing
      well in school. You’ll soon be out for the summer. Are you following our journey on “Follow Us On Spot”?
      We have seen a lot of interesting places and we continue to learn about each city’s history. As you’ve
      probably learned in school, America’s first cities were along the eastern coast where the big ships could
      come in to port. Please email me at our email address. Our love to both of you, Jean and Gary

  10. Kathy Janssen says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog comments regarding the Bahamas. Lot’s of good info for outward bound cruisers such as ourselves. Checked your location using “Spot” and realized that you are now tangling with Hurricane “Sandy”. Wishing you a safe voyage wherever you are heading. Kathy Janssen, M/V Green Door

  11. Rich Bebee says:

    Gary – great to connect – now, to do some sailing together – have a great evening – Rich

    1. Rich Bebee says:

      Gary – cannot believe we’ve not connected since 2013!!! Where are you sailing now?

  12. Rich Bebee says:

    Gary/Jean – will you be in the Fort Lauderdale area this summer? I live in the intercostal near the Oakland Park bridge – Rich Bebee

  13. Jeannette Knopf says:

    Your dingy is full of water on the cover and we do not want to go aboard to empty it without your permission. We are on the power cat SEVERE CLEAR behind you. Last summer we were in the same slip in our Leopard 40 SPOT ON. You can call my husband Stan at 321-243-5300.

  14. Ruth Gaillard says:

    We met at Cayo Costa recently and enjoyed visiting with you both on White Swan. We admired your upholstery job and want to make a couple of small covers ourselves. Do you happen to remember the type of fabric and name of the color you chose? I’m looking at the Sailrite site for choices.
    We just did an overnight from Ft Pierce to Port Canaveral, on our way to the St Johns River for boat storage. Hope your trip to the Keys is going well.
    Ruth and David

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