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Abacos 2013

Gary and Jean are at it again and are enjoying more Bahamian adventures. They are not buying internet this time so updates here will be few. Here is a note from Jean with a link to a great blog written by one of their cruising companion boats. I’ll add a link in the Cool Stuff section on the right side of the page. Enjoy.

Hello all. We have been having a great time cruising with the group of other Gemini owners. Our camera is sick so I’m not taking many pictures; but, you can go to the website of the leader of our group and see lots of pictures and read his blog:
Jim Faughn does a good job as a leader of a group such as this; and also writes a very good blog and posts lots of pictures.
So far we have had no major issues with White Swan. Typically, Gary can fix about anything that happens, and thus far, that has been the case. We are thrilled our watermaker has been working properly. This is the first time we’ve really been able to use it since it’s installation.

Gary and I have been well the whole trip thus far, thank God. This destination is worth a three week wait to get a good weather window to get here. The beautiful clear blue water and gorgeous beaches make it all worth while. Thus far I have found a “boat load” of sea biscuits, conch shells, sea glass, and numerous kinds of seashells; of which I plan to make arrangements when we return home.

Saturday, we will start moving south to other islands. Please forgive me when I forget to turn on Spot. If you were following us on Tuesday, you probably realized I forgot to turn on Spot when we made the passage from Cooper Town to Green Turtle Cay. (FYI, Cay is pronounced “Key” in the Bahamas.) So if you see no tracking between islands, that is what has happened.

We have decided not to purchase internet while we are here, so the only time we’ll be checking our email will be when we can pick it up at marinas or public hotspots. Since that is the case, you can use either Gary’s or my email addresses.

We hope you enjoy keeping up with us through Jim Faughn’s blog.

Jean and Gary
S/V White Swan
Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay

See the Glenns live!


Here’s your chance to glimpse the good life! And by chance, I mean just that. There is a chance White Swan will be visible in the beach cam on Miami Beach. This is just north of Government Cut, the big man-made inlet you can easily pick out on any map.

I estimate they’ll be in the area between 1:30 and 1:45pm EST. About an hour from now.

If anyone happens to catch them, let us know by leaving a comment. And a screenshot would be cool, too!


2pm Update: We got them! They made great time and were there right at 1:30. I managed to be at the computer (and spoke to them both briefly) as they were headed into the cut. I have some video and I’ll post it here. (Once I learn how to edit video, that is. 🙂 )

4pm Update: Video! Enjoy