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Breakdown Down Under

It was good to be with the family for Thanksgiving. We hope you had a good holiday as well.
Today we flew back to Norfolk, VA. The flight was uneventful but the taxi ride was quite exciting. In the middle of the tunnel that goes under the Elizabeth River connecting Norfolk and Portsmouth, the taxi “died”. Not the driver, thank God, the car. And it absolutely would not start, much to the driver’s dismay.
After realizing what was happening, I immediately started looking behind us to see if we were going to get rear-ended, thereby ending the life as Gary and Jean presently know it. There were no cars at all coming toward us in our lane. They were all in the other lane going around us. The cab driver didn’t have a cell phone so we let him use ours to call his dispatch to send another cab for us. Immediately, there was a wrecker to get us out of the tunnel, and immediately all the traffic was gone. I found this all to be mysterious and fascinating.
Gary says, “God watches over idiots and children.” And it seemed God was certainly watching over us, since we were still alive to tell this story. (Since our chronological years put us way beyond the “children” scenario, I guess we fall under the least desirable category of God’s favored.)
 In talking to the driver of the wrecker, I learned there are cameras in the tunnel; and people monitoring the cameras. And as soon as an emergency arises, such as our dilemma, they activate red lights in the lane where there is a problem, directing traffic to stay out of that lane. And on each end of the tunnel there is a station from which a wrecker is immediately sent to the aid of the incapacitated motorist. How amazing is that…they are God’s angels available to every child or idiot that breaks down in the tunnel….. It’s a miracle!!!
Life is always an adventure. As Gary says, “ It’s not all about the destination; it’s all about THE JOURNEY”…(In this life.)



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