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Our Journey Begins

Portsmouth, VA

We started from Annapolis, Maryland where we purchased our boat, White Swan four years ago. We have sailed her on the Chesapeake Bay for the last four years, getting to know her. She’s a comfortable boat, 33.5 feet by 14 wide and is usually not too much for the two of us to handle. Since retirement, we are extending our cruising territory to include the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) and the Bahamas.

We left Annapolis on November the fourth, my grandson Caleb’s birthday. (He’s 10 years old now.) We spent a couple of nights in Solomons, MD as we headed south. While there, we had to have the GPS sensor replaced. Solomons is a lovely town and is one of our favorite ports to visit as we cruise the Chesapeake. We enjoyed our stay there. We used our marine folding 6 speed bicycles for the first time and had lots of fun.

After Solomons, we started cruising in less familiar territory of the Bay. That was when it seemed like the adventure really began for us. Last Monday, we were surrounded by fog, but decided to leave our anchorage to resume our trip. We took turns on the bow of the boat directing the other one as to which way to go, using headsets (technology is wonderful) and GPS to help wind our way through a serpentine shaped channel. Gary could see crabs crawling on the bottom of the creek at times, indicating we were in water that was too shallow. Obviously, we made it out of the anchorage and to the Bay, only to find the fog was not just up the creek where we spent the night, but also on the Bay. We eventually had to go close to shore, drop anchor, and wait out the fog. Time for a good nap. Heh, we’re retired….we are in no hurry.

Tuesday, we made it to the end of the Chesapeake Bay which is the Norfolk, Portsmouth area. We went in to get fuel and in listening to the “locals”, realized we’d better rent a slip and stay while a storm went through the area. Three days later, we’re are still in Portsmouth awaiting the storm from Hurricane Ida to make it’s way past us. All is well, though. We are safe and dry, as long as we stay in the boat….

More later.

First Mate Jean


  1. Kelly says:

    I am glad you are safe and dry. We have been wondering about you. We love getting to see your sailing adventure. Of course all Austin wants to know is when does he get to go with you… Oh and I told you a fib. Our home phone number will have to change… Love you both!!!

  2. Kirby says:

    It’s starting to clear here in Naptown. So I assume you will be able to pull up anchor soon and resume your travels. Difficult start to the trip, but all this will be behind you soon when you hit the warmer climate further south. Be safe…… enjoy

  3. ruth says:

    sounds like you are enjoying retirement regardless of the safe

  4. Glen says:

    Glad to hear you’re secure while the flotsam clears. Unexpected stays are a great opportunity to find fascinating places and meet great people! Last time I was at hospital point we awoke to ice on the insides of the ports. BTW, since this site charges for you to add pictures, do you want me to host a blog for you? How about Or whatever you like. Wouldn’t cost you anything and you would have a lot more options, including as many pictures as you can take!

  5. Beverly says:

    omigosh, Glen Whoever-You-Are thanks be to God for you and your generous work of this website. Even I can find it! I hope I’m posting a comment properly…we’ll see if the White Swan crew gets it.

    fab! just fab! I’m so excited to be able to follow along, now…even with Spot!

    Hey, Glenns…..are you out of port-smouth yet?

    Recuping from bronchitis here…all my adventures are on hold….smile.
    nighty nite.

  6. Caryl says:

    You’re proving you’re never to old to learn new things. I’m sure the happy sailing will be continuing soon.

  7. Susie Avery says:

    Glad to hear you are safe and sound. Gary and I have been thinking of you and continue to pray for safe travels for you and Gary. We enjoy reading your blog! Be safe and happy sailing!

  8. Big Sue says:

    Yes, Jean, this site is much easier to navigate too. Now you just need to update it! Glad Bob shared one of your emails with me. A boat, what a great place to be in all that rain.
    I have fond memories of cooking on a galley stove when sailing in the islands with Reeder and others. Nobody else wanted to lite the gas oven.
    Enjoy your travels for all us land lubbers.

  9. Barb says:

    Thanks be to Glen, who has made it so much easier and enjoyable to follow the adventures of the Glenns. I am so impressed by how the Glenns are learning and using technology, not only to communicate to their friends but also communicate to each other through the fog, etc. It sounds like fun — just keep safe.

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