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Brunswick, Georgia

After staying two nights at the Brunswick Landing Marina, we are leaving this morning.  I’ve enough time to write this blog as Gary fills the water tanks and takes care of our bill at the marina office.

Sunset over Brunswick, GA

The picture is of last night’s sunset.  As I was doing laundry (YEAH!!!), I looked out the window and saw this lovely view, so I had to get a picture to share with all of you.  We are still not bored with seeing these stunning sunsets.

Yesterday, we rode our bikes quite a few miles.  I needed to get weighed in at Weight Watchers, as I have to do that once a month to keep my “lifetime” status.  I got online and found a location of  a WW meeting that was 3 miles away from the marina.  From there we rode our bikes to a grocery store and a West Marine.  We have a backpac and a cooler backpac to carry our groceries when we are getting them via riding the bikes.  It works out well if we watch the volume of the purchase.  There also was a CVS downtown and we picked up a prescription as well.  These are the mundane necessities of life that takes organization and ingenuity to accomplish as boaters.

The historic downtown area of Brunswick was on Gloucester Street, and it is within walking distance of the marina.  Mostly, I noticed numerous antique stores as we rode our bikes down the street.  So if a person were interested in antiques, this would be a wonderful place to spend some time checking out what these stores have to offer.  On our way back through as we go north, I’d like to do just that as I would like to look for a bread bowl in which I can knead bread.  My friend Alicia Byers has one her father-in-law made her, and it looks like it would be very functional and contain a lot of the mess of  kneading bread. 

The other interesting thing I noticed while riding our bikes down Gloucester Street was they used decorative octagonal pavers for all the sidewalks.  The boulevard down the middle of the street and the pretty sidewalks, made a lovely setting for all the quaint restaurants and stores that comprised the historic area.

This port offered many “necessities-for-life amenities”, including a very clean and FREE laundry facility with a TV lounge at the marina, so I am sure we will return to Brunswick, GA  again.

Gary and I are ready for the New Year’s Eve celebration on White Swan.  We have hats, bubbly, and lobsters for our celebration.  We will be somewhere in Florida, probably anchored out with no WiFi availability, so our dear friends and family, WE WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOD’S BLESSINGS TO YOU IN 2010.

Sending our love and gratitude for YOUR  love and friendship, First Mate & Galley Slave Jean and the most honorable Captain Gary S. Glenn


  1. Carol says:

    You 2 look like you are having the time of your life, I am so happy for you both, Have a wonderful New Year!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Jean and Gary,

    Happy New Year to you both. I am enjoying reading about your adventures keep them coming… I have you all bookmarked again…. new email address is…..

    Love you,

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