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Freezing Temps Follow the Glenns

After anchoring out for the last two nights, we decided to get a slip in a marina tonight.  The temperature is suppose to drop to 28 degrees, making it the coldest night this month in Brunswick, Georgia.  We will appreciate having heat in the boat as the temperature plummets.  NO SNOW, though.  Yeah!!!  We plan on staying here for two nights.  Tomorrow I am going to my monthly Weight Watchers meeting, and then we want to see the historic downtown area of Brunswick.  We are only a days  journey away from the Florida state line, so possibly by Wednesday evening we will be there.

The wind was blowing 20 knotts right on the bow and the current was on our stern as we motored across the sound coming into Brunswick, giving us a ride like a bucking horse.  Our boat can handle the chop of the water, but it sounds like it’s going to tear the boat apart.  It’s times like that, books start flying off the counter, etc. , and we have to make sure things are secure so they won’t fall.  Usually, in a catamaran, things stay put, but not when the water is as choppy as it was today.

I read in the cruising guide that this marina “is protected from all directions, and its surrounding waters have little current, making maneuvering easy.”  WELL… Whoever wrote that piece, has never tried to get into a slip with 20 knotts of wind pushing their boat sideways.  Our first attempt was not successful, and after hurriedly aborting the tactic and backing up with a full throttle to avoid ramming the dock with our bow, we entered the slip keeping the boat in a position off to the side of where we really needed to be to allow the wind to push us over to successfully end up next to the dock.  It really was a guessing game, and we are thankful we accomplished the maneuver on the second attempt.

Sailing is like a box of assorted chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get until you bite into it.

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