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Hilton Head Island, S.C.

After a windy, rocky sail through Port Royal Sound, we safely arrived at Hilton Head Island. This is where our friends, Jeannie and Tom Eisele live.   We feel like we’ve accomplished another great feat by making it this far.

To get into the Windmill Marina on Hilton Head Island, we had to go through a very narrow lock.  We did so without a whole lot of trouble, and docked White Swan well.  There were dockhands available to get us tied to the dock, and that always helps tremendously.  Since this marina has a lock at it’s entrance, the dockage area is not affected by the 7 to 9 foot tides prevalent in this area.  Nor is there a need for floating docks, which raise and lower with the tide.

As you can guess by just hearing the name of the island, this marina is extremely high-class. Gary and I were talking about how, for two days anyway, we are living in a multi-million dollar neighborhood.  This is a private marina for this “gated community”.  Last night we enjoyed the hot tub that is at the swimming pool, sauna, and tennis court area. SWEET…

The amenities here are a plus, but not what’s important to us.  The best thing about being here, is getting to be with our friends.  Tonight we went to their home and visited with them, their two daughters, a daughter’s boyfriend, and four dogs.  A lot of energy was flowing in their home, and the time spent with this family was delightful.

The Eisele’s treated us to dinner at a nice restaurant.  Afterward, we went to their home for dessert.  I was able to connect to their WiFi and upload ( I think that’s the right techy term) a couple of day’s blogs.  Speaking of that, I need to give my niece, Carissa, credit for the suggestion of writing the daily blog on my word processor and then copying it to the website when we have WiFi availability.  Brilliant, Cari.  Your suggestion is working perfectly.

Glenns with Jeannie & Tom Eisele

12-21-09  We spent today with the Eisele’s doing various tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  I helped Jeannie pick out new glasses at her eye doctor’s office (it’s like riding a bike), while Gary worked on the boat and took care of paying bills online.

Jeannie made a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  She prepared a wonderful meal for us since we won’t be having a traditional Christmas dinner on the boat.

By the way, in case you are wondering what we are doing for Christmas, our only plans are to be in Florida by then.  Anywhere in Florida.  We have three days to get through Georgia in order to be there by Christmas.  We plan on leaving South Carolina in the morning.  Hilton Head Island is right on the border of South Carolina and Georgia.  You can see coastal Georgia from the south end of Hilton Head.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year.  May you be blessed.  Love to all,  Jean and Gary

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