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Stinky Fish

Yesterday morning we took advantage of the availability of Eisele’s car, and went to the grocery store and West Marine (THE store for boaters). We decided it would be a good idea to get a full size chart for Florida before we got there. We already had a smaller chart of Florida, which would be okay to get us down the ICW; but, if something happened that took us off the ICW, (like the engine conking out, or the prop falling off) we would need the bigger chart. I mean, my goodness, what’s the chance of something like that happening??? But still, we wanted to be prepared.

We got to West Marine, which is on the other side of Hilton Head Island from our marina, and they were closed. We looked for the hours sign and by all indications they should have been open. As we were talking about our options, a young man came from the back of the store to the door, and explained to us his dilemma. His computer wasn’t working, so he would have no way to ring up our purchase. Desperate as we were, we suggested he write down our credit card number and all the necessary information, and he allowed us to get our “security blanket”, the chart. Yes, it’s that God and idiots thing again. We are thankful.

After saying goodbye to our dear friends, Tom and Jeannie, we walked back to the marina and prepared for our departure. With great apprehension as to what might happen next as we try to leave this marina, we successfully navigated to the lock. Whew!!! As we were recapping the prop incident with the lock-tender ( he was a witness to the event), our friends surprised us to wish us farewell as we were “going down” in the lock. They took pictures of us as we left. I think they wanted “proof” that we really were leaving. (We promised them our visit would not be as long when we return in the spring, because we don’t want to become “stinky fish” again.)

Today has been an uneventful day on the water. That sounds so good, it’s worth repeating…Today has been an uneventful day on the water. Even the adventurous Glenns need a down day every once in a while.

We saw numerous dolphins today. I continue to play my game with them, trying to get their picture before they elude me. They continue to win. Once, Gary stopped the boat as we saw a pair of dolphins gracefully going up and down through the water. I still didn’t get a good picture; but, it was fun to take the time to thoroughly enjoy them and listen to their exhaling through their blow holes. The beauty of this trip has been taking the time to really enjoy things spontaneously.


White Swan at Windmill Harbour Marina on Hilton Head Island

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