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Familiar Faces

This leg of the ICW offered the pleasure of seeing numerous dolphins and waterfowl.  We saw hundreds of cormorants, brown and white pelicans, and a plethora of seagulls.  While navigating through the NASA Causeway Bridge, cormorants and seagulls were sitting collectively all along the piling wall with a group of cormorants on one side, and seagulls on the other.  I told Gary they remind me of  Democrats and Republicans, literally the “left wing” and “right wing”. I crack myself up…

By late afternoon, we made it to Indian Harbour Beach, Florida where our friends Tom & Pat Dennis spend the winter on their boat.  Also, another Annapolitan, Doug Dangerfield is presently here.  He will leave in a few days to continue south, but it was nice to be greeted by his familiar face as well as Pat and Tom’s as we docked White Swan.  We have rented a boat slip for one month, not knowing how long we will really stay here.  As I’ve said before, it’s more economical to rent for a month since we plan on staying here over a week or two.  We are still considering going further south at some point in time, and/or going to the Bahamas.  We were informed this might not be a good year to sail to the Bahamas, as the wind is stronger than usual and it might not be as pleasurable as we would like.  We’ll make that decision at a later time.  For now, we just want to relax and enjoy some “down time”.  And hopefully, the weather will warm up so we can really enjoy being outside.  The ocean is only 3/4 of a mile from our marina and we are looking forward to long walks on the beach on warm, sunny days.  We also are anxious to explore the area while riding our bikes.  We’ll see what adventures await us on land and keep you informed of any happenings.  In the mean time, please continue to e-mail us at as we enjoy hearing from you so very much.

First Mate & Galley Slave Jean and the most honorable Captain Gary S. Glenn


  1. Ed Byers says:

    We own the S/V Ladybug (Gemini #959) & are located in Melbourne, FL. We keep our boat near Dragon Point (Indian River & Banana River in Indian Harbour Beach) which is a really well protected anchorage & has a good marina on your way south. We will also be leaving to cruise for a few months but not until March…to cold right now.
    If we can assist in any way for this area please give us a call. We are retired so could provide ride or whatever anytime.

    Best of luck,
    Ed & Cheryl Byers

  2. Beverly says:

    You crack me up, too!
    …and good word, “plethora”!
    What critters represent the “Independents”?

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