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St. Patrick’s Day 2010

St. Patrick's Day, Historic Downtown Melbourne

We decided to take a break from the chores involved with the new house and went to Historic Downtown Melbourne to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with the community.

The previous Saturday was actually the big community celebration, with a parade, etc. But on St. Patrick’s Day, Meg O’Malley’s Irish Pub brought  the local folks together again with a big celebration in their back parking lot.

Celtic dancers, primary class


Celtic dancers, seniors

The venue particularly interesting to us was the young Celtic dancers. From the little tiny girls to the senior ladies and one talented young man, they presented their routines in fine fashion while delightfully entertaining their audience.

Pat Dennis prepared St. Patrick Day’s dinner for the “gang”: Pat ,Tom, Doug, Matt (Susan was working in New York), Gary and myself. Pat’s a fabulous cook and the meal was wonderful. The finale was St. Patty decorated cupcakes. Green teeth from the icing symbolically closed the celebration.


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