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Crocodiles in Florida

When we were at Elliott Key, Ed apparently saw me dangling my feet over the dinghy as we floated in the water. Steadfastly watching out for us, he kindly warned me not to do so in the waters of Linderman Creek.  With all the mangroves around us, he was concerned about the possibility of crocodiles being in the area.  After a brief lesson on the difference between alligators and crocodiles, I gladly kept my feet or any other appendage from dangling over the side of the dinghy.  (Briefly: alligators have a broader snout than the more aggressively threatening crocodiles.)

I was so freaked out about the possibility of crocodiles in the area, when we stopped by Lily Pad, I promptly informed Sandy and Nancy of our pending doom if we weren’t careful.  Later, I saw the two fearless ones kayaking in the supposedly crocodile infested waters.  I yelled at her, “You certainly are fearless, Nancy!!!”  Her only concern was the swift current and trying to stay in control of her kayak.  When they came to our boat that evening via their kayaks, she tossed her mooring line to me in a hurry, and I held it tightly while she managed to maneuver herself out of the unsteady vessel.  I kept a lookout for crocodiles, as she remained oblivious to a more serious problem lurking, unseen, under the waters surface.

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