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Day Two in the Mangrove Swamp


Gary and I don’t particularly like this anchorage other than the fact it is protecting us from the strong wind.  That is why we came into Linderman Creek, and it has served it’s purpose.  However, we’re tired of looking at mangroves.  And another dinghy ride for enjoyment’s sake is out of the question in this eerie mangrove, crocodile infested anchorage… When the weather allows it, we much prefer to anchor in a more open space where we can see a variety of sites.  My hunch is, that is also the preference of the sailors on the two sister ships anchored here with us.

Cheryl and Ed offered all of us a break to the monotony by inviting us to Lady Bug for dinner and a movie.  She made wonderful chicken and beef enchiladas, I made a Pecan Rum Pie and Nancy brought buttered sourdough bread and Dove CHOCOLATES to have during the movie.  Appropriately, we watched a pirate movie entitled Cut Throat Island, starring Gina Davis.  I don’t know if it is classified as a comedy, but we found it to be very humorous.  Sailors would watch it from a different perspective, as a musician would listen to music, a singer would listen to another singer, or an artist would look at a painting; as we all interpret what we see, hear, and feel from our own perspective.  As long as we find goodness and enjoyment in our interpretations, life is good. (Sometimes, I feel like letting the philosophical side of me leak out a little…sorry if I got a little on you…I‘ve been cooped up in the mangrove swamp too long. Would somebody let me out of here???)

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