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Going to the Bahamas-Day Three

Lady Bug going under dual-laned bascule bridge


We left Hobe Sound at 8:00 AM and arrived at Lake Worth around noon.  The journey was arduous in that we had to go through 6 bridges, some of which we had to await their opening as much as a half hour.  During that half hour time Lady Bug and White Swan played tag,  making circles in the channel.  Dealing with the current now, is commonplace.

One of the bridges was a dual-laned bascule bridge.  Simultaneously, both bridges lifted. Seeing it was a first for us.

At a marina in Lake Worth, we filled our diesel tank, purchased ice and then anchored near two other Gemini’s.  We haven’t met their owners yet, but by the time the evening is over, we will.  The owners of Lily Pad have been in contact with Cheryl and Ed and they are the ones who want to cross over to the Bahamas with us.

Ed will check the weather report one last time, and make the decision as to whether or not we will make our crossing tomorrow.

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