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Key Largo and the Queen


This morning we left Linderman Creek, leaving behind it’s eerie maze of mangroves and “whatever” lurked beneath the water’s surface there.

We motored south to a small harbor in Barnes Sound, off northern Key Largo, named Thursday Cove. Sandy and Nancy chose to travel a little further south to Tarpon Basin.

Thursday Cove was much more open and we felt less claustrophobic there than we did at Linderman Creek.  Since the cove is a natural reserve, it offered no residences, marinas or any other businesses; just lots of mangroves, only not in such a confined space as our previous anchorage.

Cheryl and Ed are always trying to find a place to take Molly to shore, and on there way back from one of their excursions, they stopped by our boat to inform us of a chair floating in the water near the shore, as they thought we might like to retrieve it to use in our cockpit, since I teased her about being rich enough to have a chair in her cockpit.  She has pretty, homey stuff all over Lady Bug, of which I’m jealous, so I tease her about being a rich b____, having all the pretty stuff that White Swan doesn’t, because there’s “no room”.  Anyway, Gary and I checked out the chair during our dinghy ride.  I wanted to retrieve it from the tangle of mangrove roots that had captured it.  My intentions were to set it up in the dinghy so I could sit on it and have Gary parade me by Lady Bug while I gave the Queen’s wave to my spectators, Ed and Cheryl.  I thought it would be the most hilarious thing to do, but my captain has his limits as to how much he’s willing to participate in my shenanigans. 


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