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Indolence vs. Industrious


The rainy day outside beckoned a lazy day inside. Rain showers fell throughout the day and the predicted thunderstorm came in the late afternoon and evening hours, ending late in the night.

We hoped for a break in the foul weather, so we could schlep our dirty clothes to the marina’s laundry via dinghy, but no break came and the task had to wait for another day. The only advantage of all the rain was Gary used Mother Nature’s fresh water to rinse the topside of the boat after he cleaned off the sea salt and bird droppings. While he cleaned outside, I tidied up the inside. Other than the small amount of cleaning, our only industrious feats for the day were preparing, eating, and washing the dishes for three meals. We decided we ate way two much for a day of inactivity. How many calories do you burn sitting and reading most of the day?


I got to do the laundry today. YEAH!!! Since the marina’s laundry only had one washer and one dryer, it took 5 hours to do 4 loads of laundry. No complaints…it was better than taking the city bus to a laundromat in Miami, which was the other option.

While I did the laundry, Gary cleaned out leaky lockers on White Swan, drained the fuel filter bowl, changed the prop, checked all the fluid levels, and played galley slave. He not only prepared and brought a lovely lunch for us to enjoy on a shaded bench by the laundry, he also made a delicious chicken stir-fry for dinner. He is actually quite the chef. He delights me with his culinary skills occasionally.

When we came to Crandon Park Marina our plans were to spend three nights, using one day to do the laundry and the other day we were going to take the bus to Miami and go to South Beach. Since it rained all day yesterday, delaying the laundry, we’ll hopefully get to South Beach on our way back through this area. You might be wondering why we would choose to do the laundry over a fun day in Miami. If you could have smelled the odoriferous aft berth where our dirty laundry is stowed, you would have quickly come to the same resolution.

The most joyous part of the day was not the sunset this evening, but rather the moon rise. A full moon, shining over the harbor before it was dark outside, sprayed a magical array of colors over the water. Words cannot truly describe the magnificence of the scene, nor can a picture, but in order to share it in the slightest way… Behold…

Moon over Crandon Park Marina at Key Biscayne



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