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Cruising Again, March 2011

We Are Cruising Again


After my extended illness, we think it is safe for us to venture out again aboard White Swan. With a backup plan for treatment if I have a relapse, and the necessary provisions aboard, we left our home port on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Pat and Tom



Jim and Sarah

Boating friends from Telemar Bay Marina gathered to bid us bon voyage as we haphazardly left our boat slip. Sailing out on the open sea is no big deal (unless unexpected foul weather comes upon you or something breaks on the boat), but getting in and out of boat slips can present a challenge…especially when you have an audience. Oh well, we left Pat and Tom, Doug, Matt, Anna and John something comical to talk about at happy hour. Fortunately, Jim and Sara didn’t wait for us to leave and went to have their lunch at a nearby restaurant after biding farewell to Ed and Cheryl aboard Lady Bug, thereby missing our “eventful” departure. (Sometimes things are too complicated to explain, and are just better off left unsaid… Let me suffice to say, we did not leave the boat slip with grace or dignity.)

Ed and Cheryl own the other Gemini in our marina and they along with their doggie, Molly, are one of the two couples we traveled with the last time we tried to go to the Bahamas. The two Gemini sister-ships are once again going to travel together with the same destination in mind, the Bahamas.

Our first day’s agenda was to travel to Sebastian and anchor there for the evening, so we were in no rush to get an early start. The 20 mile trip took a little over 4 hours of motoring. It was a nice, easy trip down the ICW. We noticed more water fowl this time than what was present in late December and early February when we traveled this section of the waterway. Other than that, the ambience of the waterway, with it’s little islands throughout this section of the ICW, remained just as enchanting as always.

We caught up with Lady Bug in time to go into the anchorage together. Ed, Cheryl and Molly went ashore for awhile, but we chose to stay aboard White Swan and have a relaxing evening before a long travel day tomorrow.

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