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Fox Town on Little Abaco Island


Before we left Great Sale Cay this morning, Gary accompanied Ed and Molly to shore and came back having been attacked by no-see-ums. Gary calls me his “fly trap” because usually the insects eat me up and never bother him. When hairy Gary gets bitten by any insect, you know it’s a bad place to be. As appealing as the opportunity to go ashore originally was, I was glad I did not go with them.


Today was the first day we’ve been able to turn off the motor and sail with full sails. Gary was in his height of his glory. The wind was 14 knts out of the SW providing a close-reach point of sail. We sailed most of the 28 miles to Fox Town, taking the sails down right before we got to the line of rocks indicating we were near the entrance to go into the Little Abaco Island harbor.


While Ed took Molly for a walk, Gary had an interesting conversation with a man at a nearby Anglican church. The gentleman told Gary that the priest who presides over the church, serves two churches and presents sermons at each church every other week. During the priest’s absence, the nice gentlemen with whom Gary spoke does the preaching. Later in the evening, we could hear religious music resounding from the little church as the parishioners sang familiar songs.


Gary and I took a quick dinghy ride and cruised part of the shoreline with it’s small houses and businesses along the water’s edge. It looked like someone is in the process of building a gas station. We wondered if they will offer fuel to boaters. There is a small fuel dock already on the shore, apparently operational, because we saw a big power boat go to it.


Ed told us about a restaurant called the Boom Boom Room at Fox Town that offers fresh seafood dinners prepared by the locals. Cheryl, as well as myself, were not feeling well today so it was decided we’d wait until our return trip to go there. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do so because from Ed’s description it sounds like an interesting place, though it is not mentioned in any of the cruising guides.





































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