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Lake Worth at Palm Beach Gardens/North Palm Beach


Lady Bug going through bascule bridge at Jupiter

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, always a pretty site

We deliberately chose today to travel to Lake Worth, instead of yesterday,because the wind has lessened, making an easier day of navigating through all the many bridges of today’s section of the ICW.
 There is one bridge, Donald Ross Bridge, that is just far enough away from the preceding bridge that we missed the scheduled bridge opening by about five minutes. Gary chose to lag behind and make circles in the waterway, rather than tangle with the cluster of boats awaiting the opening nearer the bridge. We’ve found in so doing, it makes a less stressful wait.
Other than the one hang up at the Donald Ross Bridge, our travel today was uneventful…in other words, a nice day. Both Gemini’s pulled into the North Palm Beach marina to refuel, fill the water tanks, pump out the holding tank, and get rid of a week’s worth of trash before going to the north end of Lake Worth to anchor.
The forecast looks like we might have a weather window to go across the Gulf Stream on Thursday, day after tomorrow. In preparation for the possibility of a crossing, Gary and I went to the nearby Publix to re-provision fresh fruits, veggies and meat. We have enough dried and canned goods on board to last us six months probably. We also went to our favorite French Café and picked up a loaf of multi-grain bread. While there we sat and enjoyed almond croissants and a glass of iced latte. Yum!

Tomorrow I plan on going to the marina to do laundry while Gary goes with Ed to West Marine to buy more fishing lures. 

While at the laundry, I’d like to get as many pictures posted to our website as I can, since I’ve finally caught up on writing the blogs.

While we are in the Bahamas, our only means of communication will be via e-mail. It’s our understanding WiFi is not available everywhere in the Bahamas, but we will post blogs and check e-mails whenever possible.

You can always see where we are by going to the SPOT link, as SPOT will be on whenever we are moving and will continue to transmit anywhere we are. Hopefully, the next blog you read will have been written in the Bahamas.  SO EXCITING!!!

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