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Back to the USA

May 30, 2014

Squalls and lightening remained around us, but not over us, throughout the night. We were convinced the correct decision was made to seek the marina’s refuge for the night.

Rarely do we set an alarm, but for our return trip to the U.S. we awakened to a pleasant tune from our cell phone. By 6:10 AM we were motoring out of Old Bahama Bay Marina, leaving a “red” sunrise in our wake. The forecast indicated there was a chance of rain and thunderstorms. Towering clouds billowed on the northern horizon, also indicating the possibility of rain. Time would tell.

"Red sky at morning..." Leaving Old Bahama Bay Marina at 6:10 AM

“Red sky at morning…”
Leaving Old Bahama Bay Marina at 6:10 AM

Towering clouds on the horizon

Towering clouds on the horizon

The wind remained SE at 7-10 MPH for the first 3-4 hours of our crossing. The swells and light chop made for a slightly bumpy ride, but not bad. During the rest of the 10 hour trip, the wind speed dropped to four. The seas calmed down and we just had rolling from the swells. All in all, it was a good trip. No rain or thunderstorms made it a great trip. We saw storms here and there on the horizon, but thankfully, we got none.




Bradley's Restaurant, across the street from the waterfront

Bradley’s Restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL, across the street from the waterfront

When we arrived safely back to West Palm Beach, we called to get our phone service reconnected and then called the Customs Office to get registered back in the U.S. We felt satisfied that we made the trip there and back uneventfully all by ourselves. To celebrate we went to Bradley’s Restaurant, near the waterfront, for a nice dinner. We felt the American flag welcomed us home as it fluttered on it’s pole at Bradley’s, and the live music with the island rhythm reminded us of what a small assimilated world this part of the world really is.

Though we left the islands of the Bahamas behind us, the memories of all the great times we had there and the new friends that we made will always be with us. Until we’re too old and can’t remember squat!


  1. Stan Knopf says:

    I let the water out of your dingy. The bungies were still there but stretched. there was a pocket in the dingy cover so they stretched, filling the cover with lots of water. I untied the aft end of the cover so it will drain into the dingy.(plug is out). May need a tighter bungie or make a small (quarter inch) hole in the cover so if it fills, it will drain.
    We had the leopard Spot On that was a few slips down from you and on the other side. Have a power cat now in the same place.

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