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November 17th, 2009:

Touring Portsmouth, VA

Today we rode our bikes into Portsmouth, which is not very far from the marina.  We had our bikes adjusted by a professional at a bike shop in town.  Money well spent, as they will be our mode of transportation on this trip.  While there, we went to the Lightship museum. A lightship is a ship that is designed to function as a lighthhouse and it can be moved wherever it is needed. We also went to the Portsmouth Naval Museum which presented a lot of history from this area.  We are glad we’ve had the opportunity to tour this historic area.  Our country was settled from here and though I personally have never been a history buff, I still find it all fascinating. 

Tonight we are going to the Commodore Theatre for dinner and a show.  We will walk there and back.  I asked the young man who worked on our bikes if the area was safe to be walking around after dark, and he assured me it was. 

Tomorrow we will be doing laundry at the marina’s laundry (always fun when you live on a boat.)  I asked a lady one time at the laundromat in Annapolis if she thought there was anything worse than doing laundry and her reply was, “Yes, not being able to do laundry.”  Her comment made me stop and think, how fortunate we are and how we take such mundane tasks for granted. Yeah!!!! I get to do laundry tomorrow!!!!

 Oh Yeah, HOW ABOUT THEM COLTS!  We watched the game on the big screen TV at the restuarant in the marina. We were the only ones rooting for them, but we showed them all in the end, didn’t we?

All for now… First Mate & Galley Slave Jean    aka FMGS Jean




We went to this theatre the evening of November 17th to see the animated movie with Jim Carey as Scrooge.  They used the new type of animation for this movie where the characters almost look real. (Freaks me out…soon we won’t need real people as actors because the animation is so realistic.) This theatre opened in 1945.  It has been restored and is beautiful inside, with crystal chandeliers and murals on the walls. The seating is not theatre style; instead there are rounded-back cushioned chairs at round tables seating two to four people at each table.  To order from the lite-fare menu, telehones at each table are used.  We enjoyed the evening as it was something different for us to experience.